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Types And Advantages Of Ammonia Nitrogen Analyzer

2019-09-04 17:40:00        0


Types and advantages of ammonia nitrogen analyzer

1. Karl-Fischer capacity method ammonia nitrogen analyzer, the structure is relatively simple, the volume and precision are moderate, suitable for the determination of moisture content 10PPm~10%, generally used in chemical, pharmaceutical and packaging industries with strict requirements on water. The price ranges from a few thousand to several tens of thousands.

Second, the infrared method ammonia nitrogen analyzer, small size, wide measurement range, poor accuracy, suitable for the determination of wood, paper and other materials with moisture content of 5% to 90%, simple structure and low price.

Third, the Karl Fischer Coulomb method ammonia nitrogen analyzer, the main principle: the use of chemical reaction after the change of conductivity calculation, complex structure, large volume, high accuracy of measurement, suitable for the determination of moisture content below 100PPm. It is generally used for the measurement of chemical, pharmaceutical and other industrial products with very strict requirements on water, such as anionic polymerization, or used in large-scale color printing plants with multiple frequencies, and the price is relatively expensive.

For the general flexible packaging industry, when measuring the moisture content of solvents such as ethyl acetate, the Karl-Fischer capacity method ammonia nitrogen analyzer can meet the requirements of 2 to 10 measurements per day, and the economy is better.

Advantages of ammonia nitrogen analyzer

1. Ammonia nitrogen analyzer adopts national standard: salicylic acid colorimetric method to complete water quality ammonia nitrogen measurement, using sodium dichloroisophthalate specified in international standards, replacing common sodium hypochlorite, so that the stability and effectiveness of chlorine in reagent solution is greatly enhanced. (Type B).

2. The ammonia nitrogen analyzer can prepare and store the standard colorimetric curve, and adjust the water ammonia nitrogen colorimetric curve according to different water objects.

3. The ammonia nitrogen analyzer adopts a unique optical path colorimetric system to improve the reliability and stability of the instrument.

4. Unique sample processing method, shortening the analysis time (type B) on the premise of accurate analysis results.