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Performance Characteristics Of COD Digestion Instrument

2019-09-16 17:40:00        0


Performance characteristics of COD digestion instrument:

1. Fully transparent integrated heat-resistant spray-proof cover, which can directly observe the state of water sample and ensure safe and reliable digestion;

2. The upper end of the digestion module is equipped with aeronautical insulation layer to effectively prevent burns;

3. Large-screen LCD Chinese display, user-friendly menu design, the operator can quickly grasp the instrument operation method;

4. The temperature and timing of digestion can be adjusted freely in a wide range to improve the versatility of the instrument;

5. The heating supply is automatically stopped when the digestion time arrives;

6. The heating time of the startup can be preset, and the heating is automatically stopped when the preset time is reached, thereby saving energy consumption;

7. After the water sample is put into the waiting state, the timing starts automatically when the temperature rises to the set digestion temperature, so that the user can easily time the key with one button;

8. Pre-stored three sets of digestion procedures, without modification, directly used;

9. Digestion hole with digital number, easy for users to distinguish multiple water samples