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  • COD、NH3N analyzer

    COD、NH3N analyzer


    Shenchanghong CN-201C/D type COD, ammonia nitrogen analyzer, supporting finished reagents, the detection is more accurate, and the operation is simple and easy to understand. Simultaneous determination of two parameters of COD and ammonia nitrogen

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  • COD、NH3N、TP  analyzer

    COD、NH3N、TP analyzer


    Shenchanghong research and development of multi-parameter water quality measuring instrument, supporting digestion instrument; with printing and USB data upload; using 5 inch large-screen color touch screen, Chinese and English display;

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  • COD、NH3N、TP、TN Analyzer

    COD、NH3N、TP、TN Analyzer


    Shenchanghong CNPN-401C COD, ammonia nitrogen, total phosphorus, total nitrogen analyzer, using 5 inch large screen color touch screen, Chinese and English display

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  • Multi-parameter water quality analyzer

    Multi-parameter water quality analyzer


    Shenchanghong Multi-parameter water quality measuring instrument MULP-8C/8D, automatic wavelength selection, 5 inch large screen color touch screen, Chinese and English display

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  • Water hardness analyzer (desktop)

    Water hardness analyzer (desktop)


    Using a monochrome cold light source, the data is automatically processed by a microcomputer to directly display the total hardness concentration of the water sample.

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  • Portable multi-parameter

    Portable multi-parameter


    Shenchanghong PMULP-8C portable multi-parameter detector can choose 8 wavelength channels at will, can detect high-precision detection of more than 35 common parameters in water

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  • Reagent



    Shenchanghong offers a wide range of cuvette colorimetric reagents with high quality, reliability and consistency to enrich your laboratory equipment.

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  • Multi-Parameter Water Wuality Analyzer

    Multi-Parameter Water Wuality Analyzer


    The Wavelength Is Automatically Selected When Measuring The Sample And No Caibration Is RequiredW

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  • Portable Anionic surfactant analyzer

    Portable Anionic surfactant analyzer


    Shen Changhong PANIS-270 type anionic surfactant measuring instrument, measuring range: 0.01 ~ 1.00mg / L

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  • Portable suspended matter analyzer

    Portable suspended matter analyzer


    Using the photometric colorimetric principle, the content of SS is calculated, and the measurement is fast and the data is accurate.

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  • Portable TP analyzer

    Portable TP analyzer


    Portable structure design, distribution carrying case, instrument standby time of up to 6 months, saving time and operation.

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  • Portable water quality analyzer (COD 、NH3N、TN)

    Portable water quality analyzer (COD 、NH3N、TN)


    Portable, hand-held design with a disintegrator for easy operation

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  • Aquaculture analyzer

    Aquaculture analyzer


    Backup of user-calibrated curves and data records, with bilingual function

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  • Anionic surfactant tester

    Anionic surfactant tester


    Using cold light and monochromatic light as the light source, the optical stability is not affected by various kinds of light. Easy to operate and high measurement accuracy.

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  • TN analyzer

    TN analyzer


    The instrument has a wide range of features such as high measurement accuracy, wide range, and simple operation.

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  • COD analyzer

    COD analyzer


    Shenchang Hongben specializes in selling intelligent COD rapid measuring instrument (COD measuring instrument, COD detector), ammonia nitrogen measuring instrument, total phosphorus measuring instrument, total nitrogen measuring instrument and other water quality measuring instruments.

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  • Dissolved oxygen electrode

    Dissolved oxygen electrode


    Shenchanghong specializes in the production of water quality testing equipment, suitable for sewage treatment, tap water monitoring and other source manufacturers, the introduction of imported advanced technology, factory direct supply, price concessions.

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  • Conductive electrode

    Conductive electrode


    Shenchanghong provides high-performance conductivity meter, conductivity meter and salinity meter to support on-site water sample measurement. Welcome to purchase.

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  • PH electrode

    PH electrode


    PH electrode, the old brand of water quality testing equipment, sold for 17 years.

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  • Cuvette



    Shenchanghong water quality detector, matching high-quality cuvettes, factory direct sales, affordable.

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  • Dissolved oxygen meter

    Dissolved oxygen meter


    The DO-610 portable dissolved oxygen meter is stable and reliable, easy to operate (can be operated with one hand)

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  • Multi-parameter water quality analyzer

    Multi-parameter water quality analyzer


    Shenchanghong GW-2000 multi-parameter water quality measuring instrument, collecting electrode, cuvette and colorimetric tube can be used for water quality of different water bodies such as surface water, groundwater, source water, drinking water, sewage discharge port and ocean.

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  • Suspended matter analyzer

    Suspended matter analyzer


    The Shenchanghong TSS-200 Suspension Analyzer has a built-in measurement curve. It is converted into the concentration value of the parameter to be tested by measuring the absorbance of the sample at a specific wavelength, and is displayed on the liquid crystal display.

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  • TP analyzer

    TP analyzer


    Shenchanghong TP-1A total phosphorus analyzer, imported high-performance, long-life, high-brightness light source, using sealed high temperature digestion, and then colorimetric; microcomputer automatically processing data, directly showing the total phosphorus concentration of water sample

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  • Portable precision turbidity meter

    Portable precision turbidity meter


    Portable turbidity meter Portable design; large screen with Chinese menu; using imported high-performance sensor, good performance, high precision; rechargeable lithium battery.

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  • Multi-parameter water quality analyzer

    Multi-parameter water quality analyzer


    Wavelength automatic selection, using 5 吋 large-screen color touch screen, Chinese and English display, detecting the concentration, absorbance, transmittance of nearly 100 kinds of parameters in water quality, and uploading data

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  • Multi-function numerical control digestion instrument

    Multi-function numerical control digestion instrument


    The instrument can realize the chemical analysis and digestion function of various water samples such as COD, total phosphorus, total nitrogen and total chromium.

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  • Turbidimetric colorimeter

    Turbidimetric colorimeter


    Can support multi-parameter measurement, the instrument has high precision and the measurement result is fast.

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