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COD analyzer


[Product Overview]

The Shenchanghong QCOD-3M COD measuring instrument uses advanced cold light source, narrow-band interference technology and microcomputer to automatically process data, using sealed catalytic digestion, and then colorimetric measurement.

[Application Area]

Suitable for environmental monitoring, sewage treatment, universities, research institutes, etc.
Product Details
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QCOD-3M type COD analyzer

Designed according to the latest national standard COD measurement method;

Easy to operate, intuitive, accurate and stable;

With print and USB data upload;

Large screen color touch screen, Chinese and English display;

With one-click recovery;

product description

The results of colorimetric measurements were carried out using sealed catalytic digestion.

Advanced cold light source, narrowband interference technology and microcomputer automatically process data to directly display and print COD (mg/L) values of samples.

Widely used in environmental monitoring, sewage treatment and universities, research institutes and other departments

Technical indicators

Measurement range: COD: 5~2000mg/LIndication error: COD: ≤ ± 5 %
Repeatability:≤3%Display:color touch screen, Chinese and English display
Anti-chlorine interference:≤2000mg/LTemperature control system:can be set at room temperature ~200 °C, COD digestion temperature is 165 °C
Temperature control accuracy: ±0.5 °CTemperature control time: adjustable from 1 to 9999min
digestion time: COD is 15minOptical stability: the instrument absorbance value drifts less than 0.002A within 20min
Batch volume: 16 water samples Weight:Main unit 4kg digestion instrument 5.5kg
Dimensions:measuring instrument 340mm × 250mm × 130mm;Digestion instrument (DIS-16B type) 355mm × 260mm × 135mm
Power consumption:<500W

Normal use conditions:
Ambient temperature: 5 to 40 ° CRelative humidity:≤85%
Power supply: AC (220 ± 22) V; (50 ± 0.5) HzNo significant vibration and electromagnetic interference, avoid direct sunlight.

Instrument characteristics

The analyzer is separated from the digester, which does not affect the stability of the optical system.

The detector is a cold light source, narrow-band interference optical system, with good optical stability.

Both the analyzer and digester are color touch screen with friendly operation interface and display in Chinese and English. Simple and time-saving operation. The digestion colorimetry does not need to be changed.

The digester has multi-point error free calibration to achieve zero error measurement of the set point, which completely eliminates the error caused by the nonlinearity of the common digester in the market.

The digester has the function of timing reminder, automatic shutdown after digestion can be set, and the instrument has the function of secondary protection. When the temperature of the digester exceeds 200 ℃, the instrument will cut off the power supply by itself to ensure the safety of the digestion process.

It can store 300 standard curves and 1000 measured values without loss in case of power failure.

The curve can be inquired. In addition to the curve equation, the standard value of each standard substance, the corresponding absorbance, the calibration time and the number of the calibration personnel can be inquired, and the calibration state can be completely reproduced

Printing function: it can print single or page test records.

USB interface, can connect to the computer.

The instrument has one key recovery function to prevent accidental loss of curve and data.

The instrument has its own calibration function, which can be self calibrated during operation, and can effectively eliminate the drift error caused by long-term use.

configuration list

Host 11 digestion instrument
10 digestion colorimetric tubes1 tube rack
Cod reagent 1 set1 digestion shield
UBS data 11 data collection disc
1 operation manual1 product certificate
1 warranty card