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Analysis system of copper determinator -- shenchanghong

2020-03-03 09:46:19        0

  Definition and scope of application

  This method uses the new copper reagent spectrophotometry to determine copper.

  This method is applicable to surface water, groundwater, domestic sewage and industrial wastewater

  When the volume of water sample is 1ml and the diameter of 10 mm colorimetric tube is used, the detection limit of this method is 0.01mg/l, the detection limit is 0.04mg/l, and the detection limit is 10.0mg/l.


  Under the condition of pH (9.5-10.5), copper ion and BCO form a sky blue complex. The color of the complex is in direct proportion to the concentration, which is determined by colorimetry.

  The copper test method developed by Shenzhen Changhong science and Technology Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as shenchanghong) is simple, fast and economical in operation, and the test results are accurate and reliable. Shenchanghong can provide a complete analysis scheme of copper test method, and users do not need to prepare their own copper reagents. The scheme includes copper analyzer, copper reagent and so on. The copper reagent is used together with the copper determinator. The analytical procedure is simple and convenient, which meets the requirements of the national industry standard.

  Product features:

  ● no need to prepare copper reagent: the reagent prepared by a certain proportion of chemical components required for copper analysis can greatly save the preparation time of copper reagent;

  ● time saving: the whole analysis process, including water sampling, colorimetric determination and other steps, takes much less time than traditional methods;

  ● simple operation and easy to learn: the operation guide with pictures and texts is convenient for mastering the copper analysis method in a short time.

  Analysis steps of shenchanghong copper:

  (1) Preparation of copper reagent and water sample

  Put the reagents needed for copper analysis into each sulfate tube, add a proper amount of water sample according to the instructions, and then tighten the cap.

  (2) Copper colorimetric determination

  Shenchanghong's copper tester (chcu-100 / pchcu-100 / mulp-8a / C / D / pmulp-4c / 8C / mulp-4b / gw-2000 / chmm-900, etc.) selects the corresponding copper test program in the main menu, does not need to re-establish the standard curve, only needs to put the copper reagent test tube into the instrument to read the copper value expressed in concentration units, and can save the record results.

  Brief introduction of shenchanghong copper analysis system

  The copper analysis system provided by shenchanghong includes the main machine of copper analyzer and the matching copper reagent.

  Instrument host: according to the needs of different customers, shenchanghong company can provide a variety of copper measuring instruments for copper measurement.