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Dry Goods! Calibration And Calibration Method For Portable COD Analyzer

2019-09-20 17:45:00        0


Dry goods! Calibration and calibration methods for portable COD analyzers

As one of the themes of today's environmental protection industry, portable COD analyzers are attracting more and more attention. It is an instrument for detecting COD content in water. It is a chemical instrument for detecting the COD content in water. The water sample is oxidized by a chemical reagent to produce a specific color. The color is proportional to the concentration of COD. The absorbance of the sample is detected by spectrophotometry, and the data is processed by microcomputer technology. Directly shows the COD content value. The portable COD meter can not only correctly reflect the specific conditions of the water body, but also calculate the other elements in the water.

The times are developing, and human beings are paying more and more attention to themselves and to nature. The 21st century has arrived, and the development of science and technology has entered a new era. While we are using technology to benefit the world, we should also pay attention to the protection of science and technology to the world. Environmental monitoring is one of the important scientific means for us to understand the relationship between man and nature. As one of the important means of contemporary environmental protection, environmental monitoring has evolved from technical terms to popular terms, which we can see in everyday newspapers or weather forecasts. When discussing environmental monitoring, there is a more frequent occurrence of a word, that is, a portable COD meter. Unlike environmental monitoring, the concept of a portable COD meter is only well known in the industry. The use of COD technology can draw conclusions about environmental quality in a timely and effective manner. Of course, today's COD technology also has certain defects. Therefore, the development of COD technology has become an important issue that every environmentalist should pay attention to.

Below, let's take a look at the calibration and calibration methods for portable COD analyzers:

1, correction

Prepare COD standard samples, dilute to a certain concentration, operate according to water sample measurement, and measure under the corresponding curve on the instrument to verify the accuracy of the instrument. (It must be carried out with accurate reagent preparation and correct operation).

2, calibration

All factory instruments have a custom calibration function. Do not cover/delete the instrument curve at will. In case of deletion and its coverage curve, the function of the restore factory can be used to restore the curve data. Prepare the standard solution and follow the operating instructions. Press the “Set” button at the selection curve and enter the calibration curve for the standard value according to the portable COD analyzer.