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Functional Principle Of Total Nitrogen Analyzer

2019-08-30 17:40:00        0


Total phosphorus determination and total nitrogen determination were developed according to the published documents, and the measurement results were accurate and effective. COD adopts closed digestion colorimetry, total phosphorus adopts closed digestion colorimetry, and total nitrogen adopts closed digestion ultraviolet photometric absorption method. The instrument is widely used in environmental testing, sewage treatment, scientific research units and universities.

The total nitrogen analyzer is a smart meter that tests the total nitrogen content in water quality at a fast speed and low cost. Total nitrogen is an important test item in environmental protection wastewater treatment. As a result, the total nitrogen analyzer has more room for water quality monitoring.

Main function of total nitrogen analyzer

1. Chinese operation interface, using 5.6-inch color LCD touch screen, advanced operation interface;

2. The desired wavelength and curve are selected by one button, and the operation is simple and fast.

3, using the national standard method - UV spectrophotometry, the measurement results are accurate and reliable;

4, UV dual-wavelength automatic switching, better wavelength repeatability, to ensure the precision of measurement results;

5, can be used to automatically calculate the curve of the national standard sample.

6, memory 20 standard curve and 5 regression curves, can be revised and saved by themselves;

7. The current data and historical data can be transmitted and printed with the PC.