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How to determine the total phosphorus in waste water with total phosphorus analyzer?Comprehensive analysis of total phosphorus determination method

2019-11-19 15:14:00        0

  In fact, the method of how to determine wastewater by total phosphorus analyzer is very simple. There are two parts in the total phosphorus test module. The first part is the high temperature chemical digestion module, which is used to heat digestion samples, and the second part is the analysis module, which is used to test the concentration of phosphate. Here is a detailed explanation.

  Determination of total phosphorus in wastewater by total phosphorus analyzer

  In the water body, the content of organic nitrogen and inorganic nitrogen compounds increased, dissolved oxygen was consumed, and the water quality deteriorated. Excessive content of phosphorus causes excessive reproduction of baths, reduces transparency of water quality and deteriorates water quality. Therefore, total nitrogen and total phosphorus are important indicators to measure water quality. The total phosphorus analyzer is a kind of artifact specially used for the determination of total phosphorus. Liquid crystal display, concentration direct reading, digestion and colorimetry, built-in curve, timing reminder, automatic correction, micro printer, RS232 / USB / infrared transmission, special cooling frame, semi-automatic dispenser. The total phosphorus analyzer is suitable for the detection of total phosphorus concentration in large, medium and small water plants, industrial and mining enterprises, domestic or industrial water, so as to control the total phosphorus content of water to meet the specified water quality standards.

  The total phosphorus analyzer uses the digestion tube to digest in a closed way, uses the potassium persulfate as the oxidant, under the condition of 125 ℃, all the phosphorus compounds in the sample are converted into phosphate, and then under the condition of acid, the orthophosphate reacts with ammonium molybdate and antimony potassium tartrate to form phosphomolybdate Heteropoly acid, which is reduced by the reductant ascorbic acid to become a blue complex. The total phosphorus analyzer uses the colorimetric method to compare Color, the total phosphorus content is directly displayed after the calculation of microcomputer chip.

  The total phosphorus analyzer can accurately determine the total phosphorus in wastewater; there are many standard curves in memory that can be modified and saved by yourself; the total phosphorus analyzer does not need to make curves manually, and the instrument can automatically calculate storage curves according to standard samples; the total phosphorus analyzer can accurately store multiple groups of data details (determination time, parameters, values); it can print current data and all storage historical data; it can transmit them to PC Current data and all stored historical data.

  The total phosphorus analyzer has automatic adjustment of digestion power with the number of loads to achieve real constant temperature control; the total phosphorus analyzer has automatic constant temperature reminder, automatic countdown buzzer alarm, and the timing time can be set arbitrarily.

  The excessive phosphorus and nitrogen in the water will provide nutrients for the abnormal growth of plankton. It is very complicated and inaccurate to decompose and analyze phosphorus and nitrogen by conventional methods, and it needs experienced operators to use equipment. The total phosphorus analyzer provides a simple, practical, rapid and accurate method for wastewater determination. The decomposition and analysis of total phosphorus and total nitrogen can be realized in a single device. The total phosphorus analyzer does not need any troublesome operation such as compound mixing, so a completely unskilled person or layman can easily use the total phosphorus analyzer.

  Determination of total phosphorus

  Determination steps of total phosphorus: as one of the important indicators of water quality detection, total phosphorus is also one of the indicators of water rich in organic matter. Excessive phosphorus content will cause excessive growth of algae, eutrophication of water body, water bloom or red tide, and disturb the balance of water body. So the determination of total phosphorus is very important.

  Under the action of potassium persulfate, the phosphorus compounds in water are transformed into orthophosphate. In acid medium, orthophosphate can react with ammonium molybdate and antimony potassium tartrate to form phosphomolybdate heteropoly acid. Phosphomolybdic acid can be reduced by ascorbic acid to produce dark phosphomolybdic blue. The absorbance of the sample was measured at 700 nm. From the calibration curve processed by the same method, the phosphorus content of water sample is found out, and the total phosphorus concentration is calculated, which is expressed by (P, mg / L).

  Step 1: take 5ml of water sample into the micro reflux pipe, add 1.0ml of potassium persulfate, dry the water on the outer wall of the micro reflux pipe, put it into the digester for digestion at 120 ℃ for 30min, select the dilution ratio according to the actual situation after cooling, and transfer it into 25ml colorimetric pipe.

  Step 2: drop 0.5ml of color aid and 1ml of color developing agent, cover tightly and shake well, make the agent and sample fully reflect, and let stand for 15 minutes.

  Step 3: move the water sample into the colorimetric tube and detect it with the light wave of 700nm wavelength. The reading times the dilution ratio is the real value of total phosphorus.

  Matters needing attention

  The water sample collection bottle uses glass container, preferably not plastic bottle, and the total phosphorus is easy to absorb, so the sampling bottle should be cleaned carefully.

  The above is the method of measuring wastewater with total phosphorus analyzer. The development of science and technology makes it more and more convenient for us to measure water pollution. Good products with good technology can significantly improve our work quality. It is recommended that the total phosphorus analyzer of Shenzhen Changhong technology is a good brand and good product.

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