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Is there any problem with domestic water quality testing instruments?

2020-03-28 09:06:03        0

  We have been in developing and producing water quality measuring instruments for more than ten years in China, and found that the pressure of environmental management is gradually increasing. Monitoring environmental quality changes need a large number of data as support, which is big data, and the traditional environmental monitoring laboratory testing indicators and frequency can not meet the requirements of the present. In addition, the sudden pollution events in recent years, such as the news exposed in Lanzhou, Jinjiang, Wuhan and other places, are discovered by the citizens first. In this process, the application of automatic water quality monitoring system is very necessary. In recent years, it is more gratifying that the monitoring instruments for domestic water stations have gradually realized localization, but we think there are still many problems.

  Firstly, the corresponding detection indicators of the water quality monitoring system must meet the requirements of the characteristic pollutant monitoring of the local river reach. The conventional automatic environmental monitoring system of surface water environmental quality standard mainly has 7 indexes, including potassium permanganate index, ammonia nitrogen, conventional five parameters, etc. However, the recent sudden pollution events are caused by characteristic pollutants, which shows that the original detection automatic monitoring system has not kept up with the current requirements. Therefore, it is necessary to realize the multi parameter monitoring of the existing water station and improve the monitoring ability of the instrument by using the modular design.

  Secondly, automatic monitoring data quality control. To do a lot of data analysis and application, the accuracy of data must be guaranteed. In recent years, we have done a lot of adjustment and supplement work to the water quality monitoring system, from instruments and equipment to system integration and back-end platform application, from many aspects to ensure the accuracy of data, and real-time diagnosis of the system.

  Thirdly, the intelligent upgrade of the system. We designed two ways to change the original operation mode of the traditional water station: Ai ming at the abnormal and fault data generated by the original water quality monitoring, we adjusted the operation mode of the monitoring system, made the operation of the system intelligent, verified the accuracy of the data, and realized the remote operation and management of the water quality monitoring system.

  Fourth, strengthen the data analysis and application of water stations. The construction of a water station is completed by many departments, including water conservancy department, Ministry of construction, Ministry of environmental protection, etc. all the data of these departments should be fully used to form a correlation analysis of the change trend of environmental quality from the pollution source to the downstream. Considering the comprehensiveness of the Internet of things, we hope that this kind of data can be further shared, and build a larger data platform through comprehensive analysis to meet the requirements of environmental management.