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Portable precision low turbidity meter


[Product Overview]

Shenchanghong PTURB-201 turbidity meter, easy to calibrate, light and convenient, easy to operate, Shen Changhong 17 years of water quality testing equipment experts.

[Application Area]

It is used in turbidity measurement in pure water plants, waterworks, beverage plants, wine industry and pharmaceutical industry, epidemic prevention departments, hospitals and other departments.
Product Details
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Technical indicators

Measurement range:  0 ~ 400NTU  Indication error:  ≤ ± 2 % (full scale)
Reproducibility :  ≤ ± 2 % (full scale) Minimum resolution:  0.01 NTU
Hourly drift:  < 0.1 NTU Dimensions: 80mm × 230mm × 55mm
Weight:  1kg
The instrument can run continuously in the following environments after half an hour of power on:
Ambient temperature: 5 to 40 ° C Relative humidity:  ≤70%
Power supply:  AC (220 ± 10%) V; 50Hz Avoid direct illumination of strong light, no significant vibration and strong electromagnetic interference

Instrument features

1. It adopts imported high-performance, long-life (100,000 hours), high-brightness light source, and narrow-band filter system. It has strong optical stability and is not easily interfered by various kinds of light. Therefore, the instrument has high precision and good stability.

2, large screen LCD Chinese display, Chinese menu operation, simple and intuitive.

3. 10 standard curves and 199 measured values can be saved, and the power is not lost.

4. The mainframe casing adopts ABS material after molding, IP65 design, good waterproof and dustproof performance.

5, using high-performance, low-power 16-bit single-chip system, the performance is excellent.

configuration list

Name quantity Name quantity
Host 1 Two cuvettes
A hood Portable one
1 operation manual 1 warranty card
1 product certificate