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Portable precision turbidity meter


[Product Overview]

Portable turbidity meter Portable design; large screen with Chinese menu; using imported high-performance sensor, good performance, high precision; rechargeable lithium battery.

[Application Area]

Turbidity measurement
Product Details
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Performance parameters

Measuring range:  0~1000NTU
Accuracy:  ≤± 2 % (full scale)
Reproducibility:  ≤ ± 2 % (full scale)
Minimum resolution: 0.01 NTU
Drift per hour: < 0.1 NTU
Weight:  1k
The instrument can run continuously in the following environments after half an hour of power-on:
Ambient temperature:  5 to 40 ° C
 Relative humidity:  ≤70%
Power supply:  4 5# batteries
Avoid direct illumination of strong light, no significant vibration and strong electromagnetic interference



High-performance ultra-low-power 16-bit microcontroller with instrument standby time of more than 6 months.

Imported high-performance, long-life, high-brightness light source with high-stability optical system, good repeatability and high precision.

Portable turbidity meter is convenient and compact, easy to carry on-site inspection

20 standard curves and 500 measured values can be saved

Cold light source, narrow-band interference optical system, good optical stability.

Data power-off protection.

The mainframe casing is molded with ABS material, IP65 design, anti-corrosion waterproof and dustproof performance.