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Water hardness analyzer (desktop)


[Product Overview]

Using a monochrome cold light source, the data is automatically processed by a microcomputer to directly display the total hardness concentration of the water sample.

[Application Area]

It is widely used for the determination of surface water, surface water, sewage and industrial wastewater.
Product Details
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technical parameter

Measurement range: 0.1~200mg/L Indication error:  ≤±5%
repeatability: ≤3% optical stability:  ≤ 0.002A / 20min
external dimensions: host 266mm × 200mm × 130mm power consumption: 30W
weight: less than 1kg


1. It adopts imported high-performance, long-life (100,000 hours), high-brightness light source, and narrow-band filter system. It has strong optical stability and is not easily interfered by various kinds of light. Therefore, the instrument has high precision and good stability.

2, large screen LCD Chinese display, Chinese menu operation, simple and intuitive.

3. The measurement data can be permanently saved. In addition to the factory calibration curve, the working curve is left with the user's own calibration curve.

4. The main machine casing adopts ABS material after molding, which has good corrosion resistance.

5, using high-performance, low-power 16-bit single-chip system, the performance is excellent.

6. More than ten years of experience in the production of water quality monitoring instruments to ensure the quality of the products.

Product configuration list

Name quantity Name quantity
Host 1 3 colorimetric tubes
Reagent 1 set 1 power cord
1 manual 1 warranty card
1 Certificate