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COD、NH3N、TP Analyzer


[Product Overview]

Multi-parameter water quality measuring instrument developed and produced by Shenchanghong, accompanying digestion instrument; with printing and USB data upload function; using 5 inch large-screen color touch screen, both Chinese and English display;

[Application Area]

For wastewater testing.
Product Details
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COD、NH3N、TP  analyzer CNP-301C/D type

1. Equipped with DIS-16B (or optional DIS-20B/25B/36B) digestion instrument;

2. With printing and USB data upload function;

3. 5-inch large-screen color touch screen, both Chinese and English display;

4. With one-click recovery function;

5. For wastewater testing.

Working Principle

The COD, ammonia nitrogen, and total phosphorus analyzers can directly measure the concentrations of COD, ammonia nitrogen, and total phosphorus in water samples. COD testing uses fast digestion optical method; ammonia nitrogen is a Nash reagent; total phosphorus is a phosphorus molybdenum blue method.

Technical Parameter

Measurement Range:  COD NH3N TP

5 ~ 2000mg / L

(COD can be extended to 20000mg / L)

0.02 ~ 25mg / L 0.00 ~ 10mg / L
Indication Error:  ≤±5% ≤±3% ≤±5%
Repeatability:  ≤±3%
Anti-chlorine Interference:  ≤2000mg/L (COD measurement)
Temperature Control Accuracy: ≤ ± 1.0 ° C
Temperature Control System: can be set from room temperature to 200 °C, COD digestion temperature 165 ° C, total phosphorus 120 ° C
Digestion Time:  15 minutes for COD and 30 minutes for total phosphorus
Optical Stability: the absorbance drift is less than 0.002A within 20min
Dimensions:  main unit: 400mm × 310mm × 158mm;
Weight:  Main unit: 5kg; Digestion meter: 5.5kg
【Determination instrument】
Temperature control range:  room temperature ~ 200 ° C can be set, COD hydrolysis temperature 165 ° C
Temperature control accuracy: ±0.5 °C
Digestion time:  adjustable from 1-9999min, COD: 15min
Batch volume: 16 water samples (optional 20B, 25B, 36B)
Power consumption:  <500W
Display screen: 3.5-inch color touch screen with a resolution of 320x240, Chinese and English display
Dimensions:  355mm × 260mm × 135mm (without protective cover)
Weight: DIS-16B: 5.5kg (DIS-20B: 6.5kg, DIS-25B: 7.0KG, DIS-36B: 8.0kg)


1.Multi parameter water quality detector uses imported high brightness, long life cold light source, which has high stability and repeatability.

2. Separate independent digester and main engine,  which does not affect the stability of the optical system.

3. The temperature of digester is controlled and timed automatically by PID with high precision.

4. Free setting of digestion temperature and time for other purposes.

5. Type C can store 300 curves, 1000 records, and type D can store 3500 curves, 100000 records.

6. The optical system is optimized and upgraded (type D). The system is more stable, with better accuracy and stability.

7. With USB interface, data can be transferred to computer, and test records can be printed or queried.

8. The instrument adopts 5-inch large color touch screen, easy to operate.

9. The instrument has one key recovery function.

10. The system has bilingual function and can switch between Chinese and English.