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Portable Aquaculture analyzer


[Product Overview]

Shenchanghong PBRD-501 Aquaculture Tester is suitable for the determination of water quality in aquaculture. It has high precision, laboratory measurement and 17-year brand guarantee.

[Application Area]

Applicable to environmental monitoring, food hygiene, water, hydrogeology, petrochemical and other departments.
Product Details
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technical parameter

Measurement range: P H Dissolved oxygen Ammonia nitrogen
5.00~8.00 0.10~10.0mg/L 0.02~25.0mg/L
Nitrite Sulfide
0.02~5.00mg/L 0.01~1.00mg/L
Dimensions:  340mm × 250mm × 130mm Weight: 1kg
Indication error:  ≤ ± 5% (F, S)  storage:  500 test records (with test time)
with a suitcase for easy carrying out
power:  with rechargeable lithium battery weight: 240g
size:   80mm × 230mm × 55mm


1.Using imported high-performance imported original light source, the optical stability is extremely strong, and it is not easy to be interfered by various kinds of light. The instrument has high precision and good stability.

2. Full Chinese menu, easy to operate and intuitive.

3. High-performance rechargeable lithium battery power supply, no need to replace the battery.

4. With a USB interface, you can store data records to your computer.

configuration list

Name quantity Name quantity
Host 1 1 portable case
1 data collection disc USB line 1
10 colorimetric tubes 1 set for each reagent
1 manual 1 warranty card
1 Certificate