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Aquaculture Analyzer


[Product Overview]

Backup of user-calibrated curves and data records, with bilingual function

[Application Area]

It can support the measurement of various parameters of aquaculture water quality, and the instrument is light and convenient for on-site measurement.
Product Details
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Technical Parameter

Measurement rangepHSalinityDissolved oxygenAmmonia nitrogen
 5.00-8.00 0.0-28.00.10-10.0mg/L0.10-25.0mg/L
Dimensions:340mm × 250mm × 130mm
Indication error: ≤ ± 5% (F, S)


1. With imported high-performance, long-life light source and high stability optical system, the instrument has higher repeatability.

2. 10 standard curves and 500 measurements can be saved respectively, data will not lose even when power is cut off.

3. LCD large screen LCD Chinese display, convenient and intuitive operation.

4. Printing function: the testing record can be printed immediately, and the query history record also can be printed.

5. With USB interface, can be connected to computer.

Packing List

Host 110 colorimetric tubes
1 set for each reagent1 power cord
1 salinity tester1 Certificate
1 manual1 warranty card